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Wasa is a small village placed on an upland in the heart of Africa, in the region of Iringa, Tanzania. The program “Working for Wasa”, centre of the activity of the association “Students for Humanity”, was born in summer 2011, from some students who decided to give a direct and concrete help to the community of Wasa, discovered during a trip.


Every summer, new volunteers go to Wasa to improve the project; throughout the rest of the year, the continuity of the project is guaranteed by continuous communication with contacts in Wasa. Our main contact is Baba Stan, the priest of the mission that hosts our volunteers every summer.

Our project was born from the will and the necessity to integrate the academic background with experiences which can teach respect and dignity, equality and solidarity

We propose the volunteering project not only as a way to help others, but also as a way to improve consciousness of our world and to learn from the others important life lessons.


19 - first day trip to Iringa for the st

On the field, the project wants to  cooperate with the population to understand which are the real needs of the community and to help overcome them.
Every year new volunteers leave with “Working for Wasa” in order to keep on helping the village through new points of view and perspectives that can lead to new projects. Furthermore, this helps to spread awareness about the program in our society.



Cooperation, Transparency, Openness to the different, Passion, Perseverance and Respect.

Our main project concerns the Vocational Training Center (VTC) of Wasa, where students take courses in carpentry, masonry and tailoring and where volunteers teach English, mathematics and geography to the students during summer.

Another important project is 'Students for Education', through which every year the association grants a scholarship to a student of the VTC at the St. James Kilolo Secondary School in Iringa.

Furthermore, in order to meet the students' food needs, we have started the cultivation of a total of 10 hectares of fields next to the village

We have also opened a Basic Needs store and a Barber shop inside the mission.

Some of the projects carried out in the past concern the connection of the village of Wasa to the electricity grid, the foundation of the Health Center and the Makongomi kindergarten.


         The Working for Wasa project is subsidiary to the community: we have to make our resources fit with the local context, give the community the input to improve a certain condition and build together the knowledge and skills necessary to make those improvements sustainable in the long term. Students for Humanity goes straight in this direction, with the objective of giving to the village of Wasa the input to grow and become autonomous, without changing its natural balance