Gathering information about something is not limited to reading, discovering, learning about news or notions, it means becoming aware of and acquiring the tools to build one's own opinion.

Have you ever wondered what is happening in Burma today? What does a young African think in our country? What if, while you study and build your future, someone's rights are trampled on the other side of the planet? Or simply, what could you do to improve what is around you?

Informa(l)mente was created from the attempt, ambitious perhaps, to give answers to questions like these. The content of the blog aims to be an expression of the founding values ​​of the Students for Humanity association: social development, active and responsible citizenship, awareness of their role in the community. For this Informa (l) mind is proposed to offer space to dark corners of the earth, voice to those who are silenced, light to facts and stories remained in the shade. With the wish to satisfy all those who are still hungry for information and, why not, enlist new hungry people.




"Because writing is not just about having something to say, but about wanting to say something.

Desire to inform and discover more, to excite and thrill; a gym for the mind and for the soul.

This is Informa (l) mind: sharing, curiosity, originality. "


Informalmente  is the voice of young people who have many stories to tell and a wealth of experiences to share.
Starting to write for Informalmente has far exceeded my expectations: it's about following a passion, it's complicity with other children, it's sharing ideals, it's commitment and satisfaction at the same time.


Sharing means caring: discovering and learing.


For those who do not stop at appearances, for those who are not satisfied with simple news, for those who believe and want to make people understand that words can still help, that with words you can really fight.
For those who want to give voice to those who hide, give courage to those who give up.
That's why I chose Informalmente!

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