"If you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality"

“My dream is that volunteering disappears. It certainly constitutes something beautiful and important, but it cannot represent an exception or a rare virtue of few individuals: every person should engage in this activity. Nobody can consider himself a real citizen if he doesn’t look around him and if he doesn’t start to solve the small problems that, little by little, he faces.”

Our Values

Students for Humanity was created in 2011 by a group of students with the intention of promoting inside the university environment the values of solidarity and social responsibility. Today the association represents a platform for all the initiatives dealing with social themes that are developed and promoted inside Bocconi University.


The cornerstone of SforH is the permanent desk of orientation on volunteering activities, managed in collaboration with CIESSEVI and Bocconi Social Engagement, where the student can find not only consultancy but also direct testimony of someone who has already experienced the volunteering world.


Additionally, SforH organizes events, fundraising activities, abroad volunteering experiences and campaigns to raise awareness so that the university can be lived as a 360° formation of conscious people and citizens aware of what surrounds them, both inside and outside the university walls.

Our project arises from the desire and necessity of integrating the university formation with experiences and occasions of thought and reflection that might teach us respect and dignity, equality and solidarity. We propose volunteering not only as a form of help towards those living in situations of social and economic need, but also as a mean to raise awareness about the world we live in and as an opportunity of learning from our neighbours' valuable life lessons. We believe in an engaged and active citizenry, attentive to the problems of the local reality and with an open eye on the international context.

The social consciousness that characterizes us, brings us to achieve incredible results and joining Students means open yourself to a new world inside the university. Come and get to know our reality!

Even a small donation can concretely contribute to our ambitious project. You can donate via internet, Paypal, bank transfer or by donating us your 5xmille. Thank you very much!

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