"The mission of the Working for Wasa is to help the VTC (Vocational Training Center) school in the village of Wasa to achieve a good level of education , while ensuring an appropriate standard of living , and to achieve economic self-sufficiency."


In 2014 , the association decided to focus its energies on the creation and management of a school (a Vocational Training Center , or the equivalent of an Italian professional institute) within the mission of the village. Education is the best way that the student association can bring long-term benefits to the whole village. The aim of the project has become to guarantee a good level of second grade education to the younger generations, especially to those who cannot afford the "expensive" schools in the area.

At the VTC, students follow a three-year practical course of study, in which with dedication they undertake to learn a trade (carpentry, masonry or tailoring), in addition to the canonical teachings of mathematics and English. At the moment, the practical subjects are taught by three teachers that Students For Humanity has chosen to pay monthly and equally, while the math and English lessons are taught by the two fathers of the mission.

The school currently hosts 71 students , who stay within the mission for about 10 months a year. About half of them are girls.

These numbers make us particularly proud: at the dawn of the project the desks of our school were occupied entirely by male students (and there were only a dozen in 2014!), While from 2018, after a due revision of the project, an increasing number of girls are been admitted to studies. Since 2014, in addition to the growing number of students and the admission of girls, the school has evolved dramatically, and many goals have been achieved.



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One of the priorities of the project has always been student nutrition. In fact, a first goal achieved was to guarantee students three meals a day every day. Furthermore, with the aim of satisfying the daily food needs of students, Students For Humanity in 2019 started a reclamation and cultivation work of ten hectares of fields adjacent to the village, six for the cultivation of corn and four of beans.

Three meals per day and financing  10 hectares of land

Renovation projects completed since 2014 aim to improve the standard of living of students living in the school and to meet the needs of the ever-increasing student body. So far we have completed several projects: the creation of a bathroom for the girls, the refurbishment of the girls' dormitory, the refurbishment of the Baba's kitchen, the construction of the masonry workshop, the construction of the sinks and the refurbishment of other rooms in the school. .

Renovating the buildings



In 2019, the project priority fell on the registration of the school with the Tanzanian government, an operation that will allow students to obtain, at the end of the three years, a nationally recognized certification. This diploma will give them greater job opportunities but also the opportunity to continue their studies. Furthermore, it would allow the school to have access to national syllabuses, and thus to enrich the three-year school curriculum.

Registration should take place by the end of the calendar year 2021.

Registration of the school

Water is an essential resource for survival, not only for drinking, but also for cleaning, cooking and farming. Clean water is a scarce resource in Wasa. With this project, Students for Humanity wishes to improve the quality of life not only of the students of the school, but of the whole village community.

Construction of a well


The ultimate goal of the project is to help the school find new sources of income that make it completely self-sufficient, so that our financial support is no longer needed. At the moment the school runs two shops (a bazaar and a shop that sells clothes sewn by our students during class), which have been very successful over the years. This year we are considering a proposal that emerged during a conversation with Baba Stanislaus to open a third shop that sells construction tools and materials.

Creating new profitable businesses for the school